Easy Twist 7 Strand Trace Wire 20m

Easy Twist 7 Strand Trace Wire 20m

Pike Pro

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A superior-grade seven-strand wire that we use for the bulk of our predator fishing and use on all of our readymade traces. This is a very robust kink-resistant seven strand with a lovely dark bronze colour. A great value choice for the predator angler looking to make their own traces.

Suitable for both crimping and twisting.

Supplied on great value 20 metre spools.

Low-visability bronze colour.

As used on all PikePro ready-made traces.

The 40lb breaking strain is our wire of choice in snaggy or weedy venues and when really big pike are likely to be encountered. For day-to-day pike fishing the 30lb is ideal. For zander we swap to the 20lb for its combination of exceptional suppleness and fine diameter.


Q20 - 40lb Seven-strand wire

Q66 - 30lb Seven-strand wire

Q75 - 20lb Seven-strand wire

Suitable for both twisting and crimping (using our dedicated crimps), this wire is ideal for all forms of pike traces.



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