Pencil Float Large Unloaded

Pencil Float Large Unloaded

Pike Pro

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Designed to provide maximum sensitivity when float-legering deadbaits. The elongate fluoro-orange tips are easy to spot, even in choppy water, yet show even delicate takes well, thanks to their sensitive tips.

The bottom-end swivel attachment means the line is held below the water surface, away from wind drag, helping to keep the rig in position even in a strong cross-wind.

Fluted/ Unfluted

Loaded/ Unloaded


Pencil floats are designed for use with deadbaits fished on the lake bed.

Use with a semi-fixed weight just heavy enough to sink the float and fish at the correct depth. The loaded float does not need the line to be tightened to sit correctly. Bites are indicated either by the float sliding away as a pike moves off with the bait.

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