Ceratec FLX Dropshot 7' 3" 0.5 - 5g

Ceratec FLX Dropshot 7' 3" 0.5 - 5g


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The Ceratec FLX drop shot rods are built to the highest standard and designed specifically for drop shot fishing and throwing small soft plastic baits for predators such as Perch, Pike and Zander. These rods would be equally suited to light spinning with very small spinners or spoons and would also be well suited to saltwater and LRF style fishing too. With ultra-sensitive tips to enable the angler to work the lure correctly and use ultra-light tackle these rods are a joy to use. With 2 length and casting weight options covering the most popular sizes the FLX drop shot rods are sure to hit the spot with all light lure anglers.

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