Gonzo 80mm
Gonzo 80mm Gonzo 80mm

Gonzo 80mm

Fox Predator

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The Gonzo SR not only attracts typical light fishing predators like perch, chub and trout, but also zander, pike and asp! The running action of the Gonzo is really something special with the jointed teaser tail moving independently of the body. The teaser tail doesnt divide the lure in two equal halves, its position towards the back of the main body produces a more voluminous front with a short thin end. The result is a hectic movement pattern at the tail end, combined with a more stable front part. One look at the movement in the water shows why this lure gets so many attacks from predators. A small prey fish must work with its tail against the flow and that is mimicked perfectly by the Gonzo with its teaser tail. The takes are always on the aggressive side, and the ultra sharp trebles avoid any missed bites. The Gonzo even catches without retrieving! It can be held in the flow, when fishing from a boat, with the teaser tail attracting attention of predators as in gently moves in the current. F = Floating Lures with the F logo are Floating. This does not refer to the diving lip or its diving capabilities. It just tells us that this lure will float right up to the surface and will dive when retrieved in relation to form, position and size of the diving lip. With every spin stop it will rise again up to the surface. SR = Shallow Runner Lures with the SR logo are Shallow runners. They have a very small and flat diving lip, so they will only move in the upper water layers down to 1 or 2 meters but not deeper. They are perfect for fishing shallow waters or when the predators are hunting in the upper water layers.

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