Save £40 when you upgrade your castable Sonar!
Upgrade your castable Sonar in store today and receive £40 off the Deeper Chirp+!! Simply hand in your old Sonar (Any make or model) in store to receive your discount. Offer ends October 15th! "We want you to have the best experience possible, so how about a £40 discount for our most advanced sonar yet, the Deeper CHIRP+?CHIRP+ offers great visibility and extreme accuracy so you can spot the fish you are looking for, even in really deep waters… It simply rocks!"Simply call :01636 612654 to arrange sending in your old Sonar and purchasing via mail order / website or visit us in s..
Bithday present for John Mott!
Having given the barbel fishing a rest for now, John had set himself a target of a 30lb+ carp this season. That goal was completed last week on his birthday session, landing 5 carp. The smallest at 24lb 12oz and the biggest at 33lb 10oz known as the Big Headed Common. Lake bailliff was on hand to witness, weigh and take pics. (Hence he knew which fish it was) all 5 fish fell to Noble Baits OP-31 pop-ups fished over a bed of particle with a couple of kg 18mm baits as freebies. A great result John! Many happy returns! ..
Russell Brook - Specimen angling at Collingham Weir
After a very busy work load over the last 9 months, I finally managed to get out fishing.   I dusted off the old Free Spirits and headed off for a pre-booked session (over a year in advance!) on the ever faithful Collingham Weir with 3 friends.   Upon arrival, the levels were still a little low and reports suggested the Trent had not been fishing well up until then. I was somewhat optimistic as there had been a large amount of rain further up north and was heading our way, hopefully improving the odds. The first few hours looked good, but it turned out tha..
How to Tie a KD Rig: Carp Fishing
What is a KD rig?The KD rig is essential for all Carp anglers. It is one of the most commonly used Carp fishing rigs and has caught thousands of big Carp across the world. KD rigs are perfect for fishing with a buoyant or semi-buoyant bait, such as a pop-up boilie, wafter, or even a bottom bait tipped with artificial corn.The KD rig is very similar to the standard hair rig, used by all Carp anglers. The key difference is in the whipping of the hook length around the shank of the hook. With a KD rig, the hair protrudes from the hook closer to the eye, whereas a standard hair rig hair ..
Guide to Carp Leads
What leads are best for Carp fishing?Carp fishing leads come in many different shapes, sizes, and weights. But which one should you use?Well, it all depends on where you are fishing and the conditions of the water. There is no right or wrong answer, but each lead serves a unique purpose. Carp leadsIn Carp fishing, a lead system refers to the way the fishing weight is attached to your mainline. Tying the lead (weight) directly to your mainline is not safe and can put our beloved Carp at risk if your line were to snap or the fish became snagged.Many Carp anglers use lead systems that allow ..
How to set up a Carp fishing lead clip Lead clips are one of the most commonly used and versatile lead systems available. They offer both practicality and safety when fishing in a wide range of conditions.The main feature of the lead clip system is that it allows the lead to be dumped when a Carp picks up the rig.This is beneficial for two reasons:It makes it significantly easier to play and land the hooked fish. Carp are smart and know how to shake the hook free using the weight of the lead.If a hooked fish were to become tethered in weed or other snags it will allow the fish to free its..
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Complete beginners guide to Carp fishing tackle! Everything you need to know to put your first big Carp on the bank. Guide to terminal tackle, rods, reels, and more!

I have continued with my fishing on the big pit and have managed to get down most weeks over the last few months. The OP31 boilies have landed countless fish for myself and many others so far and is quickly building a solid reputation for itself. It's a bait that I will be taking everywhere with me in the future.  So with the bait working so well it might seem a strange idea to change to something else. The premonition is another boilie by noble baits that is made with big fish in mind and it's track record of huge fish landed in the UK and abroad certainly backs up it's cla..
Scott Harris just returned from a successful session on his syndicate lake. Here's what he had to say:"I fancied a change from the local ponds I've been fishing for the last year. I had some great times on there and experienced some of the best and most enjoyable fishing I've ever had. After a conversation with a mate, I was inspired to join him on a syndicate lake that I've fished in the past. I got myself a ticket and have been fishing there for about 5 weeks now. The lake is 60 to 70 acres in size and is very deep, the average depth being over 20 ft and in places can be over 30 ..
Here's what Andy had to say about his first outing with the OP-31. It was my first session out on the bank at my new Nuddock wood Syndicate lake and I'd heard some good things about a new bait originating in Newark, Notts. After finding my spot I set about spodding around 3kg of op31 on the spot around 60yrds out. I followed that with the same amount of fishery pellet.  The rig of choice was a multi-rig  With a snowman presentation, op31 boosted hookbait and garlic popup.  After around 2hrs is was apparent the fish had moved in on the spot as the fizzin..
This year’s junior competition saw twenty two young anglers competing for an array oftrophies and prizes but more importantly, taking part and enjoying a day with family and friends.The weather for the day was very kind with warm overcast conditions and a light breezeso we had pretty much perfect conditions for fishing which made a refreshing change tothe n unseasonable weather endured by previous junior events this year.Charlie Wakelin shows his winning catch of 9lb4oz which won him the Seedhouse Cup andthe Tom Reed Cup. Early reports of crucian carp being caught by some of the youngsters pro..
Just back from a week in France, Scott had this to say about his trip. "On a recent trip to France, we were faced with a very challenging weeks fishing with temperatures close to 40 degrees. The air pressure was through the roof and the carp were reluctant to feed on the bottom of the deep lake. The tench were also spawning, which provided the carp with a safe alternative food source to our bait and they could occasionally be seen tight to the margins, mopping up the tench spawn. Getting a bite was going to be tough and a few days passed without a fish being landed. After many h..
Noble BaitsTony Porter, owner of the Future Fishing tackle superstore in Newark Nottinghamshire has been developing bait for over a decade for use in his own fishing. Unable to afford to buy the quantity of premium readymades required for full time angling, his aim was to create a high quality, big fish food bait with a focus on digestion. After years of research and development, the Premonition (A Liver based boilie) has caught Tony countless fish at home and abroad and it wasn't long before Future Fishing customers started asking Tony to roll it for them. Now with the addition of a new unit ..

RIVE Future Fishing First meet. Hallcroft May 2019

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