Rive Future Fishing Team - First Meet at Hallcroft Fisheries May 2019

Future Fishing & RIVE are proud to sponsor the RIVE/Future Fishing team and over the coming weeks and months will be putting together bios for the anglers and working with the team to promote RIVE as a top match fishing brand, Future Fishing as the RIVE centre for the UK and angling as a whole. One of our main aims is to encourage young people and junior anglers into the sport. 

The Rive Future Fishing Team met at Hallcroft Fisheries in Retford Notts. This was the first opportunity to bring all the members together and proved to be a great ice breaker! 

The team arrived early at the venue to have a good chat and discuss all manner of points on the agenda, from team formation, backing and support, future events to enter, new members, aspirations and expectations of both Rive and Future Fishing, along with several other items of business. Once complete and all questions asked and answered along with suggestions it was time to do some fishing!

The draw was made with the team competing together for the first time on the outer bank of Bridge Pool. It proved a great chance for members to make their mark in the team, give the team captain a chance to see where peoples strengths lie (more venues to give others a chance in their comfort zones too) but more importantly to enjoy a days fishing in good company.

As with any team, banter and enjoyment are paramount so even at such an early stage the micky taking has already started and it was great to see everyone having a laugh. The size of the lake offered plenty of space for every angler so hopefully the fish would oblige. The weather was great for the most part with plenty of warm sunshine something we have not seen these past 2 weeks. However, an untimely period of rain put a stop to Josh Paling's session just as he'd got the carp feeding shallow before it hit and his swim switched off.  He still managed to keep a steady run of bites coming and once the match on the inner arm of the lake had finished, he utilised the margins of the peg opposite with a method feeder to good effect. Good enough to finally put 86lb 7oz on the scales and take 2nd place overall.

The battle for 3rd was much tighter, both Luke Downing and Matty Dickinson fishing totally different baits but managing to take fish on what proved to be a very difficult day throughout resulting in just 2lb separating both anglers.

Matty was the one to come out on top topping the scales with 52lb 8oz and Luke just missing out in 4th with 50lb 7oz. The banter was about Matty being "just too good" or was it lucky? Either way luck and skill is a hard combination to beat on any day.
The overall winner on the day was team captain Carl Shepherdson who made the best of a middle period when the rain came to make a switch of bait and a bit of frugal feeding to take some big carp and skimmers. He put 105lb 6oz on the scales at what he thought was going to be the wrong end of the lake at the start with the wind giving a ripple down and away from his swim.
Everyone caught fish but with the weather being so up and down of late the lake hasn't really switched on. Despite this, everyone enjoyed the grace of a few bites throughout and the day was more about getting the team off the mark and progressing forward towards the Division 2 National!

Carl Shepherdson 1st                           Josh Paling 2nd                                     Matty Dickinson 3rd                             Luke Downing 4th

Posted by George