How to Tie a KD Rig: Carp Fishing

How to Tie a KD Rig: Carp Fishing

What is a KD rig?

The KD rig is essential for all Carp anglers. It is one of the most commonly used Carp fishing rigs and has caught thousands of big Carp across the world. 

KD rigs are perfect for fishing with a buoyant or semi-buoyant bait, such as a pop-up boilie, wafter, or even a bottom bait tipped with artificial corn.

The KD rig is very similar to the standard hair rig, used by all Carp anglers. The key difference is in the whipping of the hook length around the shank of the hook. 

With a KD rig, the hair protrudes from the hook closer to the eye, whereas a standard hair rig hair exits further down the hook. 

This creates a more aggressive hook angle, usually with the hook hanging down below the bait. 

Carp feed by sucking in their food. The KD rig is perfect for buoyant baits as this allows the aggressively angled hook to be easily drawn into the fish’s mouth when it is pulled back by the weight of the lead.

This makes it very difficult for the Crap to eject the rig and often results in very strong hook holds.

When to use a KD rig?

KD rigs are perfect for buoyant or semi- buoyant baits. 

KD rigs are most effective when used over a tight spread of bait. 

This is because the critically balanced hook bait will be so light that this will be the first thing to enter the Carp’s mouth when it feeds on the spread of bait.

KD rigs are especially lethal when paired with a solid PVA bag. The PVA bag creates a tight, compact spread of bait with the hook and bait in perfect position. 

The supreme hook hold achieved by KD rigs makes them a very useful tool to have when fishing in waters where barbed hooks are prohibited. 

This is because the Carp find them very hard to eject once the hook has been set firmly in the bottom of their mouths.

How to tie a KD rig

Here is the complete list of terminal tackle required to tie your first KD rig:

  • Braid 

  • A hook with a curved shape, such as the Korda Kurv Shank

  • Lead shots

  • Buoyant baits

The KD rig is very simple and only has one extra step to the standard hair rig. 

  1. Cut a length of the braid. KD rigs can be very short so we recommend taking just less than a foot of hook length material.

  2. Tie a small figure of 8 loop knot at one end, just as you would a standard hair rig.

  3. Attach your chosen bait using a bait needle and fix it in place with a bait stop.

  4. Thread the curved hook onto the line through the back of the eye of the hook.

  5. Whip the braid around the shank of the hook 2 times as you would a standard hair rig. 

  6. Pull out the bait and hair, away from the shank of the hook.

  7. Continue to whip the braid around the hook 5 more times, keeping the hair away from the shank.

  8. Thread the braid through the eye of the hook, again from the back.

  9. Tie a figure of 8 loop knot at the top of the rig and you’re all set.

    Extra KD rig tips

    It is vital that the bait is critically balanced on a KD rig. 

    If the hook bait is too buoyant then the whole rig and bait will sit up in the water when it should be pinned to the lake bed by the split shot.

    If the split shot or bait is too heavy then the rig will be less effective as it relies on being light, making it easy for the Carp to suck up into their mouths.

Posted by George