Everything you need to catch big Carp

How to set up: Carp fishing

Carp fishing can seem very daunting for a lot of beginners. We’ve all been there at some point. Lost in a tackle shop with no idea what you need to put your first Carp on the bank.

Many experienced Carp anglers featured in the magazines and videos tend to massively over complicate things. Simple Carp rigs can be just as effective, if not more.

This article will discuss the basic equipment you will need and how to use it effectively and safely, helping you to put your first big Carp on the bank.

Korda has produced a huge amount of tutorial videos, which are all available on YouTube. These are incredibly informative and well worth a watch as your skills develop, but may be a little bit too complexed for the time being.

Beginners Carp fishing equipment

First of all, you’re going to need at least one rod and reel. The majority of Carp anglers use two or three rods.

As a beginner, we recommend using two rods as this increases your chances of catching without being too much to handle, to begin with.

What do I need to catch big Carp?

Carp rods

A beginner’s Carp rod does not have to cost the world. There are plenty of high-quality Carp rods out there that won’t break the bank. 

For general Carp fishing, a rod with a test curve between 2.5lb and 3lb is recommended. The higher the test curve, the stiffer the rod will be.

Stiff rods make it easier to cast further but can make playing fish a little bit more difficult, especially at close range. 

We would recommend a middle ground 2.75lb test curve rod for beginners. These rods are the perfect all-rounder; stiff enough to sling a 3oz lead out there whilst being soft enough to play fish with ease. 

Here is a list of high quality, budget Carp rods which are perfect for beginners:

You will need to get yourself some form of rod rest. This could either be a pair of bank sticks for each rod or if you’re more swanky; a rod pod.

Carp reels

It is important that your Carp rod and reel are well balanced. This means that you need to select an appropriate reel for the size of your rod. 

The main feature you should look for in a Carp fishing reel is a bait runner or quick drag. 

This is the clutch system that allows the fish to pull line from the reel once hooked, rather than dragging your brand new rod into the lake, never to be seen again.

There are plenty of cheap Carp reels available. We recommend splashing out a little bit extra and purchasing a quality reel that is going to WORK and lasts for more than a few sessions.

Here is a list of high-quality Carp reels, selected to suit a 2.75lb rod:

Carp fishing line

You will need to purchase some fishing line for these shiny new reels. A standard monofilament line is perfect for beginners, cheap and user friendly.

A breaking strain between 10lb and 15lb will be fine for all UK Carp fishing. A line with a 10lb breaking strain is strong and stretch enough to land fish over 40lbs if you play them right. 

Again, we recommend a nice middle ground. A fishing line with 12lb breaking strain is thin enough to cast far whilst also being strong enough and abrasion-resistant to land fish in more difficult conditions. 

It is important to have plenty of spare line when you’re first starting out. Tangles are inevitable. 

Here is a list of quality fishing lines for all-round Carp fishing:

Carp fishing terminal tackle

Ok, so you’re all set up with your new Carp rods and reels. Now for the tricky bit, the terminal tackle.

This is the business end of your fishing. There is no need to over complicate your fishing with fancy rigs.

Here is a list of all the basic Carp tackle you need to get you started:

This is all the equipment you will need to set up a basic Carp fishing rig.