Scott Harris - First Session with Noble Baits OP-31

Noble Baits

Tony Porter, owner of the Future Fishing tackle superstore in Newark Nottinghamshire has been developing bait for over a decade for use in his own fishing. Unable to afford to buy the quantity of premium readymades required for full time angling, his aim was to create a high quality, big fish food bait with a focus on digestion. After years of research and development, the Premonition (A Liver based boilie) has caught Tony countless fish at home and abroad and it wasn't long before Future Fishing customers started asking Tony to roll it for them. Now with the addition of a new unit in Newark and the increase in demand for Premonition, Noble baits has been formed and once again Tony and the team have been busy developing and testing another bait for the range. With increased knowledge, buying power and investment in equipment, the OP-31 has just been launched. A complex blend of nutritionally beneficial ingredients, is has been designed to attract and catch numbers of fish. 

Noble Baits field tester, Scott Harris had this to say about his first session with the new OP-31. 

"I recently started introducing Noble Baits new, OP-31 boilie into my local lake. I baited a swim 4 times over the course of 10 days, putting in a few kilos each time.

The constant heavy rain over the last 2 weeks has caused the lake to rise about 6 inches and lowered the water temperature by a couple of degrees but despite this, on my 3rd and 4th baiting trips I noticed a few fish hanging round in the thick weed beds close to one of my baited areas.

The spot was looking good as I set up at 6pm on the 15th of June to fish my first ‘overnighter’ using the new bait. I fished a simple bottom bait rig on one rod tied using a semi stiff coated braid with a small break in the coating just below the eye of a size 6 wide gape. A short piece of shrink tube on the bend held the bait in position and ensured the rig would turn on a take. The hook bait was an 18mm OP31  straight out the bag. The rig on the other rod was a stiff hinged style pop up rig but with a softer coated braid for the boom section.

Within a short space of time I had landed 2 bream and a tench. At around 9pm I had a common of around 13lb. A few handfuls of bait were added to the swim after each bite.


The night was clear and the full moon shone brightly over the lake. The bright night clearly didn’t deter the fish as by 8am the next morning I’d had 5 carp, all commons of 13, 15,17,19 and 22lb plus the ounces. I even received a double take at one point as well as a few more bream. I had 4 tench, which I don't mind catching when they're all between 5 - 7lb and beautifully coloured. The 22lb common was a very deep and wide fish with a huge dorsal fin and looked much bigger than it weighed. I've never seen this fish before and am told that it hasn't been out for 10 years and was assumed to have died. 


The biggest surprise of the session however came in the form of a small catfish! I had heard stories that one existed in the lake but had deemed it a myth, so I was delighted to be able to confirm its existence to a few locals who fish the water.


I wish I could have stayed longer into the day but I had to pack up. It's been a good start for me on the new bait and I’m left wondering what else might turn up in the lake that I never knew existed. If ever there was a session to instil confidence in a new bait, it was this one. Until next time, Scott."


Posted by George