Carp Lead Clips Explained

How to set up a Carp fishing lead clip 

Lead clips are one of the most commonly used and versatile lead systems available. They offer both practicality and safety when fishing in a wide range of conditions.

The main feature of the lead clip system is that it allows the lead to be dumped when a Carp picks up the rig.

This is beneficial for two reasons:

  1. It makes it significantly easier to play and land the hooked fish. Carp are smart and know how to shake the hook free using the weight of the lead.

  2. If a hooked fish were to become tethered in weed or other snags it will allow the fish to free itself easier.

So, the main reason to use a lead clip would be for fish safety.

Lead clips can be set up firmly, meaning that the lead will only be ejected when a fish is caught in a snag.

There are two types of lead clips. The standard lead clips which require a swivel, or the more modern hybrid lead clips which feature built-in swivels.

What Do I Need to Set Up a Lead Clip System?

The components needed to set up a lead clip system are relatively simple and should cost no more than £10. They are readily available from all tackle shops, including Future Fishing.

Here is the complete list of Carp fishing terminal tackle required to set up a lead clip system:

Korda offers a range of different colour schemes in all of these components. It is important to try to match the colour of your rig to the lake bed as best as you can.

How to Set Up a Lead Clip System

Start by threading a 2ft length of rig tubing onto your mainline. This can be fiddly so cut your mainline at a slight angle to make life easier for yourself.

Rig tubing helps to camouflage your rig on the lake bed, as well as protecting the fish from the mainline during battle.

Next, thread the tail rubber onto the mainline with the tapered end first. Insert the rig tube into the tail rubber so that they sit flush together.

Thread on the plastic lead clip to your mainline, again with the narrow side first.

Finally, tie on the swivel to your mainline. We recommend using a Uni knot, more commonly referred to as a Grinner knot in the UK.

Pull the plastic lead clip down onto the swivel until it clicks, ensuring that it is fixed firmly in place.

Attach your lead to the lead clip and then slide the tail rubber and rig tubing over the plastic lead clip.

Your lead clip system is all ready to go! All that’s left to do is attach your rig of choice and catch a monster Carp!

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