Guru Rive ST D36 Seat Box

Guru Rive ST D36 Seat Box


  • £1,149.00 £999.99

This limited edition ST-D36 is finished with their signature orange design, they have combined forces with one of the UK's top manufacturers to create this simply fantastic creation! This was always going to be a looker, and with its personalised back plate that has colour coded fascia on all the drawers, as well as, 'Dream', handcrafted cushion, made by master saddlers in Strasbourg, it's very easy on the eye.

Boasting six 36 mm-diameter, you get increased stability with easy adjustment to ensure that you are fishing from a rock-solid 'station'. You'll find High Stability Footplate clips to lock everything in position, ensuring that your footplate won't move when it shouldn't. There's also an interesting, patented, open leg system, allowing legs to be removed whilst stays in position. So swapping to a longer leg, for instance, is easy.

With this system, the weight distribution of the High Stability Footplate is shared across four legs, and not two. Other neat touches are the open cap system on the legs, for arms and attachments, a non-slip footplate cover, and strengthened draw fronts with ribbed handles.

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