Absolute 36 White Edition

Absolute 36 White Edition


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  • Created using hardy thirty millimetre legs for a sturdy foundation whilst fishing, this features patent pending "Mag Lok" technology which eliminated the use of any plastic catches which makes them smooth consistent and durable too!
  • The all new Patent Pending Clip Locking System "MAG LOK" is another leap forward in the market design. In development for over 12 months, "MAG LOK's" unique design incorporates the use of high strength Neodymium Magnets to lock and unlock the SeatBox Clips making them reliable and effortless to use.
  • Current SeatBox Clips on the market rely on plastic mechanisms to operate; these are susceptible to wear and tear over time, as well as being open to manufacturing tolerances which make performance inconsistent and unreliable.
  • Their new "Mag-Lok" system eliminates the use of any plastic catches which means that they are consistent, smooth and durable - time after time. The Neodymium Magnets have a unique triple coating protection to allow them to withstand the harshest of elements and will never lose their strength due to them being of the highest grade Neodymium available on the market.
  • The introduction of a removable colour tab located on the "Mag-Lok" Switch body means that each Unit can be personalised to match the specific colour of their Winders. Importantly, "Mag-Lok" is fully compatible with all of their existing SeatBox Units meaning that these new Units can be used alongside their original Units without affecting performance or reliability.


  • Patent Pending 'Easy Access System' allows the cassette to easily slide out of the front and rear of the seatbox.
  • Deluxe Padded Seat Unit with integrated Shallow Side Drawer makes efficient use of traditionally wasted space.
  • Thirty Six millimetre diameter aluminium Outer leg profile with durable matte black powder coated finish provides a contemporary look with increased durability.
  • 32mm diameter aluminium Inner leg profile adds to the stability and solidity of the sweatbox.
  • All leg blocks feature a TPE no marking system which ensures that the Outer legs can be locked safely and securely in any given position.
  • Ultra-low-profile Mud feet with built in drainage system ensures maximum strength and stability on even the toughest of terrains.
  • Both rear legs come complete with threaded end caps to allow easy addition of various essential accessories.

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