Fixing Strips F2-26/19

Fixing Strips F2-26/19


  • £18.60

RIVE fixing strips

13cm & 19cm - to fit Orange & Yellow Mixed or Orange & Green Mixed Winders.

19cm & 26cm - to fit Pink & Green Mixed or Blue & Yellow Mixed Winders.

26cm - to fit Pink, Blue, Caramel, Green or pinkWinders.

38cm - 30mm Tray - to fit Black Winders in to a 30mm Tray.

38cm - 45mm Tray -to fit Black or Blue Winders in to a 45mm Tray.

38cm - 60mm Tray - to fit Black or Blue Winders in a 60mm Tray.

13cm - to fit Orange Winders.

19cm - to fit Green & Yellow Winders.

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