"drip & Drop" Uni Cad Pots

"drip & Drop" Uni Cad Pots


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drop 'n' drip uni cad pots

This new version of the hugely popular Uni Cad pots has been created to allow the angler more versatility when feeding.

Less Shipping, more Feeding

Now you can feed two swims each time you ship out or feed twice on the same line without have to ship in again.

The domed cap will accommodate a ball of dampened pellets or groundbait whilst the recess below can be filled with loose offerings such as maggots or pellets which can be sprinkled out following your initial feed.

  • Supplied in twin packs with 2 different size pots per pack.
  • Sizes available: Micro + Small,
  • Medium + Large (1 of each size per pack)
  • Drop 'N' Drip pots are ideal for feeding twice.
  • The domed lid will take a ball of dampened pellets or groundbait whilst the space underneath will accommodate loose pellets which can be shaken out after your initial feed has been deposited.

Drop a squeezed ball of groundbait or dampened pellets.

Then drip loose feed from the underneath section.

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