GURU Bait Strainer 3.3 Pint

GURU Bait Strainer 3.3 Pint


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Originally, they were designed for soaking pellets, as they allow you to lift out and drain your pellets at whatever point you want. They fit neatly into the Guru bait tubs, and are available in two sizes (either 1 pint or 3 pints). However, they're not only perfect for soaking pellets as they make the ideal tub for storing and draining any baits that you keep in water, allowing you to quickly lift off the strainer to remove the bait from the water, before bagging it up for the next session.


You can use the strainers at home or on the bank, and another perfect use for them is when using meat, to soak the meat in water - preferably warm water - to strain and take off the fats that cause much of it to float and drift away in any tow.

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