Seal System Carryall

Seal System Carryall


  • £149.99

Seal System Carryall (C1000)

If you are looking for the complete tackle storage solution, then this is definitely for you!

The Carryall features a super thick, durable EVA bottom base and comes with both carry handle and shoulder strap. Supplied within are nine smaller EVA cases that enable the angler to store a whole host of items such as, seat box accessories, reels, hooklength boxes, basically anything you would carry inside a standard carryall.

With transportation in mind, the Seal System carryall has been developed to fit directly into the extended footplate of your seat box, maximising space and making transportation to and from the bank even easier.

Included within the Carryall:

  • 2x Seal System Inner (C2000)
  • 2x Seal System Large Accessory Bag (C3000)
  • 2x Seal System Medium Accessory Bag (C4000)
  • 3x Seal System Small Accessory Bag (C5000)

Size (Carryall): 55cm x 38cm x 35cm
SRP: £149.99

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