Ultra Sharp Grippa Carp Hook

Ultra Sharp Grippa Carp Hook


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We probably see more hooks up "close and personal" than any other company and because of that we also get asked lots of questions from anglers asking "what is the strongest pattern?" or "is straight point or beaked the best?" Consequently, we have got to know what specialist carp anglers really want and expect from modern hooks.

The hook is THE most important part of an angler's tackle, especially as almost all modern carp rigs are "self hooking" which makes the sharpness of the point of your hook even more important!

Although the current market is awash with cheap hooks, which literally cost a few pence per hundred, we did not want to go down the cheap route for maximum profit, preferring as a company to look for the best quality possible. It has always seemed ridiculous to us that anglers spend thousands of pounds on tackle and hundreds of hours of precious time chasing the fish of their dreams with a hook that has been mass produced with NO quality control and manufactured to the lowest possible price!

The ULTRA-SHARP range of hooks has been spec'd to a quality, not a price.

The wire we have specified is a high grade carbon steel and the gauge of the wire is a thicker than generally used on mass produced hooks. The hooks then undergo high pressure forging to enhance their strength and are then plated with a dull, no glint high quality P.T.F.E coating.

The hooks are supplied to us in a very sharp state, but they are then transformed into the ultimate specialist hook by Jason Hayward who checks each one individually and then hand sharpens them to absolute perfection.

The results are stunning.

We are not interested in saturating the market with these hooks, we just want to give the serious specialist carp angler, who demands the best from every item of tackle a top quality alternative to what is currently on the market.

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