Hydro 2-piece Landing Net

Hydro 2-piece Landing Net


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The Hydro Two-Piece Landing Net features all the key elements of our standard Hydro 42ins Landing Net, with one key difference. A 6ft two-piece high-modulus carbon pole features a super-smooth push-fit joint in the middle, allowing the handle to be broken-down into two 3ft sections.

The design of the Hydro Two-Piece Landing Net is ideal for anglers who like to keep their gear compact, either for ease of mobility when stalking, or for storage purposes - when broken-down the net and pole can easily be kept out of sight in the boot of a car. It also comes in handy when netting fish from a boat, where a standard 6ft landing net pole may prove cumbersome.

The bung at the end of the Hydro Two-Piece Landing Net's handle can be removed, so that anglers requiring a longer net handle can extend the length of the pole by 3ft by using a Hydro Landing Net Extension Handle (sold separately).

When broken-down, the Hydro Two-Piece Landing net will also fit comfortably inside our Retention Welded Stink Bag - perfect for those good times when you have to pack away a wet net!



6ft, two-piece high-modulus carbon landing net

Ultra-lightweight, balanced and rigid

Super-strong yet minimal machined stainless block

42ins arms with strengthening at spigots and mid-depth mesh

Japanese shrink wrap handle

Understated styling and graphics

Reinforced net corners

Drawstring carry bag

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