Mobicool Insulated Mug 0.4 Litres MDA40

Mobicool Insulated Mug 0.4 Litres MDA40


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Stylishly dressed in stainless steel, this 0.4 Ltr insulated mug is ideal for storing hot coffee or a refreshing cold drink. It is just the right size for your car's cup holder and stays tightly closed wherever the action takes you.

Are you the active sort? Then the Mobicool MDA40 is your ideal travel mug! The double-wall container, with a robust stainless steel on the outside, keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for several hours. When you're ready for a break, simply slide open the lid opening and enjoy! This 0.4 Ltr mug fits into most car cup holders and is great to have on long journeys or early morning drives to work. It's easy to clean and can be re-used over and over again, so it's a smart, eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper or plastic cups!

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