Bays Lite Switch

Bays Lite Switch


  • £34.99


A Slimmed Down Classic Sports Frame Engineered For Weight Reduction

A design classic born with weight reduction at its core. A honed version of our most popular family of sunglasses the Bays. Refined, refreshed and restyled we introduce the Bays LITE.

Available in Brown 247 lenses (BL001), Amber AMPM lenses (BL002), Switch (BL003), Purple Xblok (BL004)
Check out our lens guide for more info.

This listing is for the Switch lens type. Starting with our SWITCH Technology. These photochromic lenses adapt to varying light levels, in short meaning if it is sunny the lens will darken, if it is cloudy the lens will lighten providing optimum viewing no matter what the weather.

Light Transmission: 31%

Light Condition: All Light

Weather Condition: All

Water Type: All

Contrast: Medium / High

Weight: 25g
Price: £34.99

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