Trigga Pellet

Trigga Pellet


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With boosted levels of pulling power courtesy of the incomparable Trigga attractor package, these pellets boast 32% crude protein and a fat/oil content of 21% making the an ideal long term back up feed to use in conjunction with Trigga shelf-life or Trigga FREEZER bait boilies.

Available in both mini (4.5mm) and standard (8.5mm) sizes, our preferred way of using them is to combine the two sizes together and consequently fill the swim with pellets that differ from one to another in terms of their breakdown times.

Suggested Recipes

Great for use straight out of the bag or if you are looking for even more attraction, check out our PVA friendly Liquid Booster range. simply open the resealable pellet bag. pour 50ml to 100ml per Kilo of pellets. reseal the bag and shake. leave to soak in for 10 minutes and they are ready to go.

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