Hot Chorizo Extract

Hot Chorizo Extract


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This outstanding liquid food enables anglers targeting a broad range of species the opportunity to dramatically enhance their baits with a powerful, smoky, meaty profile that makes their baits really stand out from the crowd.


Presenting a slightly 'fermented' smoked sausage label and an unforgettable tangy taste, this a hot, salty liquid bait additive supplies an absolute multitude of potent attractors and nutrients which together make it a superb year round liquid food option for using in and on boilies, pellets, spod mixes, loose feeds and hookbaits.




Hot Chorizo Extract properties:


       Excellent as a bait soak; adds a unique savoury taste and aroma,


       Really penetrates baits to then continually release food signals in water


       Punchy smoked sausage profile really compliments any savoury bait


       Rich, spicy, natural peppery taste and aroma gives baits real identity


       Supplies valuable antioxidants and vitamins for year round benefits


       Contains essential amino acids derived from high quality protein


       Combination of oils and 'solubles' ensures multi-layer dispersal of attraction


       Hugely attractive to Carp, Barbel, Chub, Catfsh & other species.


       PVA friendly - superb on bag/stick mixes

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