Sat-A-Lite SL-100 Headtorch

Sat-A-Lite SL-100 Headtorch


  • £19.99 £10.00

The Chub Sat A Lite SL100 has a very slim profile and features an adjustable flip up head fitted with dual light sources. These include a focused white LED long beam plus two soft night vision red LED's with a flashing mode facility for emergencies. Instant off switch for use at any mode and anadjustable single head strap. 3x AAA Duracell alkaline batteries included.


Compact & lightweight

Extensive battery life, up to 100 hours of continuous use

Adjustable tilt mechanism

Focused white LED long beam

Soft night vision red LED's

Duracell AAA Alkaline batteries included

Water resistant

Weight (inc. batteries): 72g/2.53oz


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